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Which BDC Model are You Struggling With?

BDCatalysts is a BDC consulting firm that works with dealers across the U.S. to improve lead to conversion rates and show rates. We work closely with dealerships to improve their BDC departments. Depending on the size of the store, dealers operate within three different frameworks.

MODEL #1 Smaller stores in rural areas tend to operate without a BDC department due to the fact that they do not receive enough leads to cover the cost of a full-fledged BDC department. So, they use an old fashioned round robin system often.

MODEL #2 Medium-sized businesses often hire an Internet Director to oversee their online leads. They’re responsible for converting the leads into appointments for the sales team.

MODEL #3 For a larger store, a full-fledged business development department is now common. There is a director, and there are ‘business development reps’ – people responsible for contacting leads and either working them ‘cradle to grave’, where they are generating appointments

Here are some issues of each model.

MODEL #1 Your sales team doesn’t want to call your leads. They don’t want to call them, they aren’t any good at it, and let’s be honest – they do a terrible job at follow-up.

Sales leadership should not be calling leads. They’re not telemarketers and appointment setters. They’re sales professionals. They should be focusing on what they do best – greeting customers, showing cars, test-driving cars, negotiating prices, and transitioning

MODEL #2 A typical store using an Internet Manager/Director is simply overwhelmed from wearing too many hats, and they usually burnout as a result. This leads to lost opportunities, high turnover, additional training & recruiting costs, and instability at the store.

Internet Managers/Directors are responsible for contacting every lead. They are also responsible for confirming appointments. After a few months, they realize that the job is way too big for any one person.

MODEL #3 Large department stores often have insufficiently large BDC departments that are understaffed. Most owners and managers try to handle the situation through hiring inexperienced salespeople who are in their 20s or, in many cases, their early 30s.

Unfortunately, their inexperience often makes it difficult for them to effectively speak with most car buyers. They may lack the proper telephone skills, filter out important information from their conversations, and they may not know how to ask relevant questions or use effective techniques.

There is a solution to the problems being generated by all three models. Hire someone to do it for you and focus on doing what your team does best. Showing and selling cars. Let someone else manage your leads.

BDCatalysts has a staffed call center of experienced and reliable professionals who can set appointments for you. This frees up your team to focus on confirming the appointments, calling no-shows, and selling cars. Give them a try!

by BDCatalysts